Best Selling Brands
Bumbu rum
700 ml @Ksh 6,000
amarula fruit cream
750 ml @Ksh 2,100
1 litre @Ksh 2,700
johnnie walker black label
1 litre @Ksh 3,500
750 ml @Ksh 3,199
hennessy vs
700 ml @Ksh 5,000
1 litre @Ksh 6,200
baileys irish cream
750 ml @Ksh 2,400
1 litre @Ksh 2,780
belaire luxe
750 ml @Ksh 4,800
750 ml @Ksh 2,400
1 litre @Ksh 2,850
4.5 litres @Ksh 14,500
smirnoff vodka red
750 ml @Ksh 1,400
1 litre @Ksh 1,800
malibu caribbean rum
750 ml @Ksh 2,095
1 litre @Ksh 2,600
Glenfiddich 15 years
750 ml @Ksh 6,999
1 litre @Ksh 7,800
moet & chandon imperial brut
750 ml @Ksh 6,700
1.5 litre @Ksh 18,500
Best Selling Whisky
Black & white whisky
750 ml @Ksh 1,500
1 litre @Ksh 1,800
ballantines finest
750 ml @Ksh 2,200
1 litre @Ksh 2,400
glenmorangie original
1 litre @Ksh 5,200
750 ml @Ksh 4,900
jack daniel's old No. 7
1 litre @Ksh 3,399
750 ml @Ksh 2,850
chivas 12 years
750 ml @Ksh 3,500
1 litre @Ksh 3,700
Best Selling Wines View all
frontera sauvignon blanc
750 ml @Ksh 1,300
1.5 litres @Ksh 1,800
namaqua red sweet cask
5 litres @Ksh 3,300
4th street red sweet
750 ml @Ksh 1,199
1.5 litres @Ksh 2,000
versus red dry
750 ml @Ksh 1,800
robertson winery natural sweet white
750 ml @Ksh 1,300
1.5 litres @Ksh 2,000
cellar cask white sweet
750 ml @Ksh 1,190

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Alcohol Brands In Kenya


                        Every occasion is a good time to have a drink. Nairobians have single-handedly excelled at this strategy be it a baby shower, a ruracio, Sunday brunch, Friday night, wedding, birthday party, first date or the happy hour.The thing about a great party isn't the food or the people or the host. It's in the drinks served. Trust me Nairobians have a thing for good drinks to get the party going even after the drinks have stopped flowing. Pro-tip to hosting a great party: never let the drinks stop flowing. This is where we come in Sherehe is an online liquor store based in Nairobi, Kenya that lets you order drinks online and get them delivered for Nairobi and its environs. That’s what we do... to your door. No door? No problem – we’ll deliver through windows, down chimneys and up treehouses. That’s the beauty of the internet when the party is going and the drinks freeze up.

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